Shiloh Baptist Church

Saraland, AL

Celebrating 75 years in 2018

As we begin this new year, our pastor is calling us to 31 days of seeking God.  For many believers, their spiritual walk may have come to a stall where it is not where it once was.  They can remember a time where their walk with God was filled with passion and zeal, but now it seams stagnant.   Is it possible for a person to have that closeness they once had?  The answer is yes.  God is willing and ready to work fully once again in our lives, but we need to have a heart and mind that is ready for Him to move once again.  So for the next 31 days, we are asking people to participate in a time of prayer where we are seeking God and asking Him to show us those things in our lives that may hinder our relationship and also to share with us those things He would like to do in us both personally and in our church and community.  Will you join us?

Sunday Morning Bible Study: 9:00

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:15

Sunday Evening Worship:  5:00

Wednesday Evening Programs:  6:30

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717 Cleveland Rd.   |  Saraland, AL  36571

Located at corner of Cleveland and 2nd

one block behind Wendy's in Saraland.